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Anubias barteri (on driftwood)

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Planted on medium sized piece of driftwood.

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Anubias barteri are very slow-growing marsh plants suited to low-light environments. They can’t bear strong light over a lengthy period. Anubias barteri is a highly variable plant with leaves that vary in size and number. With its dark green, slightly firm leaves it is often used in cichlid aquariums. In the wild, Anubias grow in shaded to semi-shaded locations in fast-flowing rivers and streams; some- times emersed, growing on stones or logs, and sometimes semi-emersed.

Anubias barteri care sheet:
Origin: Africa

Height: up to 40 cm (growth rate is slow)

Lighting: medium to low

Water: 22-28C, pH 5-9, hardness – very soft to very hard, CO2 – 0-10 mg/l

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