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Bucephalandra micrantha ‘Needle Leaf’

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Bucephalandra micrantha ‘Needle Leaf’ has a new botanical assignment and thus a new name. It belongs to the group of small stature species with linear and curled leaves such as B. belindae, B. catherineae and B. mircantha. The variety ‘Needle Leaf’ is extremely slow growing and particularly suitable for filigree aquascaping landscapes. As with all Bucephalandra species, it is very easy to care for.  Inserting small algae cleaners, such as Amano shrimp or Clithon snails, is recommended.

Bucephalandra micrantha ‘Needle Leaf’ care sheet:
Origin: Borneo

Height: up to 2 cm (growth rate is very slow)

Lighting: medium to low

Water: 20-28C, pH 5-8, hardness – soft to moderate, CO2 – 0-20 mg/l

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