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Calci worms – 80g pack

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One of the best feeder for your pets!

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Short description of Calci worms (Hermetia illucens):

Calci worms are in fact larvae of Black Soldier Fly (H. illucens) – very popular insect used across the whole world for ecological recycling of food waste and producing proteins. Also this species is gaining more and more popularity by keepers of exotic and farm animals.

They are rich for proteins, calcium, amino acids (for example, methionine & lysine) and fats necessary for absorption of such vitamins as A, D, E and K. In these terms they outpace other more “conventional” feeding cultures (first of all – mealworms) and can be considered as perfect food for your pet bearded dragons, leopard geckos, poison dart frogs, day geckos, turtles, birds, carnivorous insects etc.

All Calci worms we are selling are produced in Ireland. Pure weight of larvae in one package is 80g, they are prepacked in plastic container. To extend their life cycle you can keep them in a cold place with temperature about +5-10C and take some when you will need to feed your pet (just give them a bit of time to warm up and put into feeding dish in pet vivarium).

Average size of each larva is 1.5-2cm.

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