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Juncus repens

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Suitable for cold water aquariums/paludariums!

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Juncus repens is a grass-like marsh plant, which also grows when permanently under water. This small species of rush is native to Southern and Eastern USA and inhabits marshy shallow water. In the aquarium, Juncus repens is easy to care for and resilient. Softer water with a good CO2 supply promotes the best growth. In combination with other grass-like plants, you can design decorative meadow landscapes. However, this creeping rush also makes an attractive feature as a „filler plant“ between stones. With strong lighting and a good supply of micronutrients, the shoots can also become slightly reddish in color.

Juncus repens care sheet:
Origin: North America

Height: up to 10 cm (growth rate is moderate)

Lighting: high to medium

Water: 10-28C, pH 5-7, hardness – soft to neutral, CO2 – 20-30 mg/l

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