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Marsilea hirsuta

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Marsilea hirsuta belongs to the water clover family and is native to Australia. Due to its small size it is also known as dwarf four leaf clover. In marsh conditions, the plant forms small clover shaped leaflets when out of the water; under water ovate leaflets usually form, which are strongly reminiscent of the Glossostigma plant. The dwarf four leaf clover, however, is much easier to cultivate and very low maintenance. It does take a certain amount of time for the young plant to acclimatise to the aquarium, but it gradually forms an attractive carpet. Ideally the emersed shoots should be completely cut off before planting; new submerged shoots will gradually form.

Marsilea hirsuta care sheet:
Origin: Australia

Height: up to 3-5 cm (growth rate is moderate)

Lighting: high to medium

Water: 20-26C, pH 5-7, hardness – very soft to medium, CO2 – 20-30 mg/l

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