Porcellio haasi “High Yellow”

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Short care sheet for Porcellio haasi:

Origin: Spain

Size: 2.7 cm

Temperature: 22-27C

Humidity: relatively high (don’t let substrate to dry out!)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Porcellio haasi is relatively large representative of isopods – land living crustaceans very often inhabiting leaf litter layer.

They are great destructors of dead wood, old leaves and almost any other organic stuff, so you will need to provide them with similar mix in captivity – dead white wood of deciduous trees like oak, leaf litter of oak, maple, asp etc mixed with forest humus (top layer of forest soil). Do not use any part of coniferous trees – it can be toxic for animals!

As addition to their ration slices of different vegs like Zucchini, Carrots, Cucumber etc can be used as well as fish food like high protein granules or flakes.

Another important thing to remember – as any crustacean for proper development and growth Porcellio haasi need source of calcium, for example, piece of cuttlefish bone or piece of chalk (use just plain white one, not coloured!).

As they are living in humid environment ventilation must be good enough otherwise food you’ll put into isopods container will be spoiled by mould extremely fast (moulded food is dangerous for animals).

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