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Alternanthera reineckii ‘Purple’

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The vibrant purple-colored underside of the leaves gave Alternanthera reineckii ‘Purple’ variety its name. The surface of the leaves is wine red to deep red in color. With good lighting, the shoots are very compact and the leaves are close together. As a result of its very slow growth, this colorful stem plant is also suitable for the midground. However it must be continuously trimmed so that the background plants do not become obscured. A nutrient-rich substrate and a good CO2 supply guarantee successful cultivation in the aquarium.

Alternanthera reineckii ‘Purple’ care sheet:
Origin: South America

Height: up to 50 cm (growth rate is slow)

Lighting: high to medium

Water: 22-28C, pH 5-8, hardness – soft to hard, CO2 – 20-30mg/l

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