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Bearded Dragons are good feeders and always in for a treat. Lucky Reptile Bearded Dragon Candy is full of treats that bearded dragons love. The gentle drying process maintains all healthy nutrients. The food can be fed dry or mixed with water. If water is added, the ingredients swell up and will look fresh again.

Not only bearded dragons will love Bearded Dragon Candy but also Green Iguanas, Chuckwallas, Tortoises and a lot other herps will dig into this food. Attention: Bearded Dragon Candy is not suitable as sole diet and should only be offered as treat a maximum of 1-2 times per week.

Compound Feed bearded dragons and other omnivorous reptiles. Analytical constituents: Crude Protein: 16,7%; Fat content: 6,8%; Fiber: 9,2% Feeding Recommendations: Bearded Dragon Candy can be fed dry or mixed with water. Add 20ml of warm water on 4 tea spoons of Bearded Dragon Candy and let it swell up. Stir the food and serve it to the animals. Remove uneaten food immediately. For dry feeding simply place into feeding dish and pay attention on availability of sufficient amounts of drinking water. Bearded Dragon Candy should not be offered more than 1-2 times a week due to the high content of fruits.

Ensure a varying diet through combination with other Lucky Reptile foods and by offering complementary feeds like CarniVit or Bio Calcium Sepia. Composition: Fruits 35 %, Vegetables 35 %, Flowers 20 %, Insects 10 %: strawberries, corn, rasberries, red pepper, mealworms, courgette, grasshoppers, green pepper, blossoms of hibiscus, red clover, sunflower, daisy, dandelion.

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