DIVOSSEN, H. Poison Frogs. The Small Species

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Frankfurt am Main 2016, softcover., 94 pages, 95 colour photos.

“I have been focusing on the husbandry and breeding of dendrobatids, the so-called poison frogs, since 1981. I am particularly engrossed with the small representatives of this family’s various genera, e.g., Oophaga pumilio or Ranitomeya imitator, reasons for which also include practical considerations such as reduced space requirements for small terraria and the small amounts of food required. I have travelled to Central and South America on more than thirty occasions in a quest to learn as much as possible about these exceedingly interesting anurans, and I have not ceased to discover new and exciting details until today.

This book is based mainly on my own practical experiences. Nevertheless, it does by no means claim to offer universally applicable directions for keeping and breeding dendrobatid frogs. There are certainly other routes that can be taken to arrive at the same destination, but what is described here is what works for me. You are welcome to copy parts or all of it to see whether it works for you, too. Let us hope together that the remaining rainforests will continue to exist and be seen as what they are, national treasures with a wealth of life that we have only just begun to discover.

Their conservation is crucial for these frogs to survive in their natural environments so that our children also will have the opportunity to study them in the wild and not only look at them in amazement from behind glass.”

Updated English edition of the successful German book “Erfahrungen mit kleinen Pfeilgiftfröschen

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