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HeatPaxx HeatPack M – pack of 5

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Key features:

  • 40 hours of  warmth
  • optimized for logistics purposes
  • 1 warmer (size 10 x 13 cm) in each package
  • always ready to use: just open the package
  • natural heat through the oxidation of iron powder

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The HeatPaxx HeatPack M multi purpose warmer which is also know as AquaPack or just HeatPack, is very flexible in its range of possible applications. Whilst it is mainly used for shipping animals and plants in the winter time, it also can be used for keeping many other temperature sensitive goods safe during the transportation in low temperature conditions. This can be electronical goods as well as chemical and biological products.

Further you can use this HeatPack M – 40 hour warmer to extend the durantion of your batteries by keeping them warm in a cold environment. Especially photographers appreciate these warmers on their expeditions.

How to use:
After opening the package the oxygen of the air will react with the iron powder inside the warmer and after a few minutes you can feel how the warmer is heating up. You can now place the HeatPack M Shipping Warmer in your transport box, pocket or pillow case. The warmer will generate heat for about 40hrs. Please make sure, that enough oxygen can reach the marked side of the warmer, thus do not cover it with tape, bags or anything else airtight.

Product Details:
Size: 10 cm x 13 cm
Temperature (Max. / Avg.): 65°C / 50°C
Ingredients: Ironpowder, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, salt
Content: 1 piece

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