HENNIG, A.S.: Spotted & Wood Turtles (Clemmys guttata & Glyptemys insculpta)

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Frankfurt am Main 2016, softcover, 94 pages, 102 colour photos, 2 black-and-white photos, 17 tables and two coloured distribution maps.

North America harbours a turtle fauna with a unique diversity of forms and lifestyles. Its distribution extends from southern Canada with its very long winters and the western parts of the United States across to the east coast of the USA and down to the sunny south of this country. Florida even has the highest species density of freshwater turtles on a global scale,. This variety must excite every true animal lover who will value and strive to protect it both in the wild and in the terrarium with the means available to him or her.

Two wonderful examples of this great natural treasure of North America are the wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) and the spotted turtle (Clemmys guttata). With the present book I want to equip you, dear turtle friend, with a “manual” for keeping wood and spotted turtles properly. Find out where and how these two turtle species live in nature and how these realisations can be translated into how to best keep and propagate them in your home environment.  

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