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NEKTON-Biotic-Bird is a probiotic supplement for all speciesof birds. The contained probiotic bacteria support the enzymaticdigestion of food in the craw and in the intestines of birds. Prebiotic ingredients promote a natural and healthy composition of craw and intestinal fl ora. Important minerals (called electrolytes) support the bird‘s body after gastrointestinal illnesses with diarrhea.

NEKTON-Biotic-Bird helps with digestive disorders and accelerates regeneration after illnesses, helps to build up a good and healthy microfl ora in the intestine after antibiotic treatments. It has an additional detoxifying effect on the organism.

NEKTON-Biotic-Bird can also be given to prepare for stressful situations (e.g. for transport and fairs) to counteract an excessive burden on the bird. Stress canhave a negative impact on the composition of the intestinal flora and often causes digestive problems. NEKTON-Biotic-Bird can act in such situations supportive on the bird organism. Also during the breeding NEKTON-Biotic-Bird can assist digestion of food and optimizes the absorption of nutrients.

NEKTON-Biotic-Bird contains a mixture of mannan-oligosaccharides and beta-glucans, which is proven to promote the growth of positive intestinal bacteria and also relieves the immune system by binding harmful substances in a natural way.

NEKTON-Biotic-Bird can easily be combined with other NEKTON products.


In recent years, the use of probiotics to keep animals healthy and to support a positive intestinal microfl ora has been widely established. The effectiveness of Bacillus subtilis has been investigated in numerous studies and is scientifically proven. These studies describe the positive effect of achieving an optimal intestinal microflora with a corresponding reduction in pathogenic germs in the intestine. It was also confi rmed that Bacillus Subtilis has a positive effect on feed efficiency.

In the digestive tract, Bacillus subtilis consumes oxygen and produces various enzymes such as subtilisin and catalase. This creates good conditions for the growth and development of benefi cial bacteria (such as lactic acid bacteria).

The beneficial bacteria continue to multiply and block the binding sites for pathogenic germs. In addition, the benefi cial bacteria have a germ-regulating effect against Salmonella, E.coli, Campylobacter and Clostridia.

The prebiotic components in NEKTON-Biotic-Bird also have a positive effect on the composition of the intestinal fl ora, whereby an optimal digestion of nutrients is ensured.

NEKTON-Biotic-Bird is easy to use. The recommended amount is either mixed with the soft food or can also be administered with the drinking water.

Dextrose, brewer`s yeast cell walls (contains mannan-oligosaccharides and beta-glucans), brewer`s yeast (100% Saccharomyces cerevisiae), sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, potassium chloride

Zootechnical additive:
Bacillus subtilis C-3102, mind. 1 * 1011 KBE/kg

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