Bean Weevil (Callosobruchus maculatus)

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Great feeder for your pets, high in protein!

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Short description of Bean Weevils:

Bean Weevils are high in protein and as its size is just 2-3 mm they are great addition to feeding ration not for small frogs species (or froglets), but also for mantis nymphs, spiderlings and small lizards (and/or their young offsprings).

Keeping and breeding of these beetles is very easy and straight forward. They need +20-25C and black eye beans – both adult beetles and their larvas are feeding on them. No spraying or any additional food supply required.

Larvae development is usually taking several weeks, but then beetles are starting to hatch in high numbers.

Keep in mind that scared weevils will play dead, so don’t get confused by this behaviour – just leave them in peace for a minute and they will start moving again. Also do not dispose colony immediately after all beetles will be fed to your pets as each colony is able to produce new beetles for next 2-3 weeks (i.e. till black eye beans supply will be fully depleted).

Colonies are packed with 500ml rectangular containers.

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