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Brown Leatherback Slug (Laevicaulis natalensis)

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Source: Wild Caught

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Short care sheet for Brown Leatherback Slug

Origin: South Africa

Size: up to 8 cm

Temperature: 1825C 

Humidity: 60-70%

Difficulty Level: Easy

Brown Leatherback Slug is another representative of Mollusca phylum, close relative of snails, but without shell.

As many of its relatives it is very easy to keep – its care is very similar to any other land snail. It feeds on different vegetables and fruits, also it can be fed with fish flakes or specialised snail food. As well these animals requires course of calcium, for example – feeding lime for invertebrates.

They are nocturnal, so don’t expect a lot of activity from them during day time, but they can wake up and come to eat if you will put a fresh food into their enclosure or if you will make a warm shower.

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