Ivory Head Cockroach (Eublaberus sp. Ivory)

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Easy to keep and breed. Good beginners choice.

Can’t climb/fly!

Our breeding.

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Short care sheet for Ivory Head Cockroach (Eublaberus sp. Ivory):

Origin: South/Central America

Size: 5 cm

Temperature: 25-30C 

Humidity: Not sensitive

Difficulty Level: Easy

Ivory Head Cockroach (Eublaberus sp. Ivory) is fairly close relative of Death’s Head Cockroach and other Blaberus species, its appearance looks pretty similar, but it has smaller size. From other side it is bigger than Dubia Roaches, so these roaches are “the golden middle” and can be used for feeding of medium sized lizards, amphibians, predatory invertebrates and others (nymphs can be used for smaller animals).

This species can’t climb on glass and plastic, what is huge benefits in terms of keeping them in household. Also they are ovoviviparous – it means female are bringing live nymphs.

Nymphs are burrowing, so they need some sort of substrate, for example – cocos.

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