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Glowspot Roach (Lucihormetica subcincta)

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Easy difficulty level.

Can climb!

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Short care sheet for Glowspot Roach (Lucihormetica subcincta):

Origin: South America (Colombia)

Size: 4 cm

Temperature: 25-30C 

Humidity: keep substrate moderately humid (do not over-moisten!)

Difficulty Level: Moderate

One of the most remarkable roach species kept in captivity especially as its males have two bright orange spots on pronotum which makes them somehow similar to car with headlights.

This species is ovoviparous (i.e. giving birth to live nymphs), can’t fly completely, but can climb very well, so ensure that enclosure is closed tightly to prevent any escapees. But even if it happens they are not able to survive in room conditions or outside of your house.

As Glowspot Roach (Lucihormetica subcincta) is burrowing you will need to provide at least 3-4 cm of substrate made from mix of cocos, sand, unfertilised soil and leaf litter. Also you will need to keep it moderately humid for best results.

As most of other roach species this one is not picky about food, so any fruits/vegetables can suit them.

Females are a slightly bigger and wider than males, which are more slender and active and as mentioned above – have two bright spots what makes them easy to distinguish. Nymphs have cool orange heads.

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