Jungle Nymph (Heteropteryx dilatata)

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Sexual reproduction (males + females)

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Short care sheet for Jungle Nymph (Heteropteryx dilatata):

Origin: Malaysia

Size: up to 15 cm (females, males are smaller and slender)

Temperature: 20-30C

Humidity: 80% 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Jungle Nymph (Heteropteryx dilatata) is heaviest species of Stick Insects in the world, females are really massive and can reach 50g of weight. Another interesting fact is that they can live up to 2 years meanwhile eggs incubation time is 12-14 months!

As this is large species, you will need large enclosure for these insects (40x40x40 cm or larger).

Females are green, wingless and pretty aggressive when handled, so beware of their rear limbs with spines – they can jam your finger and you will definitely feel it! In the same time males are smaller, winged, brown coloured and much more calm.

Jungle Nymph (Heteropteryx dilatata) needs good ventilation and high air humidity alongside with relatively high temperatures – up to 30C, what is not typical for majority of Stick Insects species.

Females of this species have ovipositor and so they need a substrate to lay eggs – it can be mix of cocos, unfertilised soil and sand, keep it humid enough as this is important. Incubation can be done in the same conditions, no special measures required.

Adults and nymphs are feeding on Bramble and Ivy, also newborn nymphs are huge (up to 2 cm) and can deal with leaves without any issues, no need to cut edges etc.

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