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Spiny Devil Stick Insect (Eurycantha horrida “Popondetta”)

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Sexual reproduction (males + females).

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Short care sheet for Spiny Devil Stick Insect:

Origin: Popondetta, Papua New Guinea

Size: up to 18 cm (females, males are bit smaller)

Temperature: can be kept at room temperatures

Humidity: High 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Huge and very robust stick insects from tropical rainforests of Papua New Guinea that was introduced into captive culture just very recently and so it is considered as pretty rare phasmid species yet.

In terms of care it is similar to more classic species Eurycantha calcarata, so it needs high humidity – reasonable spraying is necessary every evening. Also as many other stick insects these animals are feeding on Bramble very well, it is critical to provide them with source of food all the time.

For successful breeding you will need male and female specimens to be kept together. Females are laying eggs into substrate, so at least 3-4 cm of substrate (mix of cocos and unfertilised soil can be used) is recommended.

As presence of substrate makes it more difficult for cleaning (these animals are large and produce a lot of waste) it could be recommended to use springtails or tropical woodlice as clean up crew, they will recycle everything quickly.

Important: Eurycantha horrida males have very long spikes on their rear legs and if handled without necessary respect they can grab your finger and pierce the skin. So although this species seems to be more calm than E. calcarata it is important to handle it with all necessary precaution.

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