Guadalupe Stick Insect (Lamponius guerini)

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Sexual reproduction (males + females)

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Short care sheet for Guadalupe Stick Insect:

Origin: Guadalupe Island

Size: 7-9 cm

Temperature: can be kept at room temperatures

Humidity: Moderate 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Guadalupe Stick Insect is the wingless sexually reproducing species that looks like some sort of lichen covered wooden stick. Very calm, can be handled without losing limbs (with reasonable cautiousness of course), displays beautiful coloration with individual variability.

Feeds on wide range of plants – Bramble, Eucalyptus, Ivy, Oak, Pyracantha, Raspberry or/and Rose.

Females of L. guerini are just dropping eggs on vivarium bottom, no special measures required. As ratio of males and females is unpredictable, we are recommending to choose 20 eggs for first experience.

Incubation takes about 8-12 months, but life span of insect also is pretty long as well – up to 1 year.

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