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Thistle Mantis (Blepharopsis mendica)

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Short care sheet for Thistle Mantis:

Origin: North Africa, Turkey, Canary Islands

Size: 5.5-6 cm 

Temperature: 30-40C day / 18-22 night

Humidity: 30-40% (relatively low)

Difficulty Level: Medium

Thistle Mantis is medium sized and beautifully coloured species that inhabits dry and hot regions and so prefers very high temperatures at day time. This is in fact the only thing that raises its difficulty level as one of most common beginners mistakes is failure of maintaining optimal temperatures – with proper diligence no issues exist.

Despite of its description as shy species this mantis is pretty aggressive hunter and readily attack both crawling and flying prey. Still as its feeding focus in nature is on flying insects it is recommended to not break up tradition and feed it with Green Bottle Flies, Black Soldier Flies and other similar objects only.

Thistle Mantis is not communal at all, so separate keeping only – otherwise you may lose all animals.

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