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Budwing Mantis (Parasphendale agrionina)

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Short care sheet for Budwing Mantis:

Origin: E Africa (Somali, Kenia, Ethiopia)

Size: up to 7 cm (females, males are up to 4 cm)

Temperature: 25-30C

Humidity: 60%

Difficulty Level: Easy

Females of Budwing Mantis are incapable of flight as they have rudimental wings and this is why this species received such trivial name, although males are able to fly very well.

This is pretty active and aggressive hunter, they are readily attacking feeding insects, especially females.

Nymphs of this species are pretty large from very beginning and this is why they can start with bigger prey like fruit flies Drosophila hydei and then switch to Green Bottle Flies or similarly sized objects. Do not throw many feeding insects into enclosure at once, this mantis can be easily stressed with them and reject to eat.

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