Bud-wing Stick Insect (Phaenopharos khaoyaiensis)

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Parthenogenetic species.

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Short care sheet for Bud-wing Stick Insect:

Origin: Thailand

Size: 7-9 cm

Temperature: can be kept at room temperature 

Humidity: Low (spraying slightly to provide insects with drinking water)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Pretty calm and large species, can be handled easily with no stress runs and limbs loss, feeds on Bramble, Hawthorn, Hypericum and Raspberry.

Bud-wing Stick Insect is a sexually reproducing species (males & females), but females can reproduce parthenogenetically as well. Incubation time is about 4-6 months, eggs can be incubated just on paper towel, hatching rate is very high.

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