Dead Leaf Mantis (Deroplatys desiccata)

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Short care sheet for Dead Leaf Mantis:

Origin: Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sumatra and the Philippines

Size: 7.58 cm (males are smaller)

Temperature: 24-30C

Humidity: 70-80%, spray regularly

Difficulty Level: Easy

Dead Leaf Mantis is very remarkable species, its name is based on its look – this insect body shape is very similar to real dead leaf and it is really hard to see it on the leaf litter. Especially as it is feigning death when scared, i.e. folding legs and falling down to the ground. In case there is no other choice, it can try to defend itself displaying brightly coloured wings.

As Dead Leaf Mantis is pretty shy species it needs more attention than other species like African or Chinese Mantis, this is important to not over feed them and to maintain stable humidity and temperature (sharp swings can lead to health issues or even death).

Nymphs of this species are pretty large from very beginning (12 mm) and this is why they can start with bigger prey like fruit flies Drosophila hydei and then switch to Green Bottle Flies or similarly sized objects. Do not throw many feeding insects into enclosure at once, this mantis can be easily stressed with them and reject to eat.

Be aware, although there are many reports that this species is communal – this is not 100% guaranteed that no cannibalism will occur. Most safe option is to keep nymphs/adults separate.

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