Devil Rider (Anisomorpha buprestoides “Ocala”)

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Sexual reproduction (males + females)

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Short care sheet for Devil Rider (Anisomorpha buprestoides “Ocala”):

Origin: Southeastern United States (Florida, Ocala National Forest)

Size: up to 7,5 cm (females, males are significantly smaller)

Temperature: can be kept at room temperatures

Humidity: 60% 

Difficulty Level: Easy

IMPORTANT – this species is not recommended for people with allergies!

Defensive secret they are spraying when handled or scared is pretty smelly and toxic and can cause irritation in contact with mucous membranes (for example – eyes). So wash your hands after handling these insects carefully!

One of trivial names, Devil Rider, is most probably based on this feature.

Otherwise this is easy to keep and breed species that feeds on wide range of feeding plants РBramble, Privet, Rhododendron, Salal (Gaulteria spp.) and Oak. Females are just dropping eggs on the ground where they can be collected and moved to separate container for incubation where they will need 3-4 months (20-22C) of development. Cover them with dry sphagnum moss slightly to make hatching process a bit easier for nymphs.

Natural habitat of Devil Rider (Anisomorpha buprestoides) is pretty dry, so based on other breeders communications and our own experience the best practice is to keep them dry (i.e. no spraying at all).

Another important note – do not keep this species with other Anisomorpha species like A. panomalus etc as hybridisation is possible. Also be aware that males are attaching to females firmly – do not remove them as you can critically damage them!

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