Giant Rainforest Mantis (Hierodula majuscula)

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Short care sheet for Giant Rainforest Mantis:

Origin: North Australia

Size: up to 10 cm (females, males a bit smaller)

Temperature: 24-28C day / 18-22 night

Humidity: 70-80% 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Giant Rainforest Mantis is one of the best choices for beginners as it is large, not demanding and good for handling. Also females can live up to 1 years, what is formidable time for most of insects.

This is very aggressive hunter and this is why it has no issues with feeding – almost any feeding insect of appropriate size suits them (crickets, roaches, locusts, meal- and morio worms, fruit flies and Green Bottle Flies for younger instars). Don’t leave mantis with crickets and roaches unattended, remember – these feeding insects can attack and hurt mantis!

Giant Rainforest Mantis can be kept free range on a large plant, although this information is based on reports of other keepers/breeders.

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