Common Hisser (Gromphadorhina portentosa)

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Easy difficulty level. Best beginners choice.

Can climb!

Our breeding.

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Short care sheet for Common Hisser:

Origin: Madagascar

Size: 6.5 cm

Temperature: 22-30C 

Humidity: Not sensitive

Difficulty Level: Easy

Common Hisser or Madagascar Hissing Roach is one of the most iconic roach species very well known for most of people – this is one of the most popular guest stars for horror movies.

This species is very hardy, very easy to keep and pretty long living, no special conditions except proper temperature are required. Also it is very prolific ovoviviparous insect (they’re bearing live nymphs) so you can establish good breeding colony very easily to feed your other pets.

Fruits/vegetables diet is perfect for them. Be aware – although they are completely wingless and can’t fly, they are excellent climbers, ensure that their enclosure is closed tightly and sides are protected with petroleum jelly barrier.

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