Pallid Roach (Phoetalia pallida)

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Easy difficulty level. Good feeder.

Can climb and glide (not fly)!

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Short care sheet for Pallid Roach:

Origin: Caribic (originally, introduced to other regions as well)

Size: 2 cm

Temperature: 25-30C 

Humidity: Low (the colony will create humidity level roaches need)

Difficulty Level: Very easy

Small, soft and very prolific species, Pallid Roach is ideal for feeding of small frogs, lizards or carnivorous insects. Nymphs are tiny, so it can be used as starter food for many dart frogs species or tarantulas spiderlings.

They are good climbers and can glide (but can’t fly), so protective barrier (i.e. petrolatum layer) and firmly closed cage are highly recommended (this species can survive in warm room conditions).

They are omnivores  and can recycle almost everything (except plastic and metal), but more natural is fruits/vegetables diet.

Females are just a bit bigger and wider than males, which are more slender and active. This species is ovoviviparous, i.e. they bring live nymphs.

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1 review for Pallid Roach (Phoetalia pallida)

  1. TheDodoKing (verified owner)

    these are an all round feeder, perfect for slings, nymphs and sub adult-adult tarantulas and other insects. and for the price its a great deal. care is simple just through in some egg crates and gut load them as you wish. only problem iv come across so far is that you will need to clean out there enclosure every now and again (once every month or so)but that’s a miner inconvenience. i would highly recommend these as a feeder.

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