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Dead Leaf Mantis (Deroplatys truncata)

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Short care sheet for Dead Leaf Mantis:

Origin: Malay Peninsula, Indonesia

Size: up to 7 cm / 4-4.5 cm (female / male)

Temperature: 25-30C day / 22-23C night

Humidity: 60-80%, spray regularly

Difficulty Level: Easy

Another species from Dead Leaf Mantis complex – Deroplatys truncata, not the largest, but certainly one of the most remarkable representatives of this group. Despite of medium size it has the most developed pronotum shield that looks like a hood.

In natural habitats these insects are living close to ground and often near old tree trunks, so they are specialising on hunting crawling prey like crickets, roaches, mealworms etc.

Nymphs of this Dead Leaf Mantis are pretty large from very beginning (12 mm) and this is why they can start with bigger prey like fruit flies Drosophila hydei and then switch to small crickets or roaches (for example, Pallid Roach) or similarly sized objects. Do not throw many feeding insects into enclosure at once, this mantis can be easily stressed with them and reject to eat.

Be aware, although there are many reports that this species is communal – this is not 100% guaranteed that no cannibalism will occur. Most safe option is to keep nymphs/adults separate.

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