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Dragon Head Cricket (Cosmoderus femoralis)

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Source: Wild Caught

Adults with size of 4-4.5cm

Due to origin they can have damaged limbs or antennae’s which could be regenerated after next 1-2 molts (for nymphs only).


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Short care sheet for Dragon Head Cricket (Cosmoderus femoralis):

Origin: Cameroon (Africa)

Size: up to 4-5 cm

Temperature: 27C

Humidity: 75%

Difficulty Level: Easy

There is very little known about this stunning species as it is very rarely kept in captivity yet.

Still Dragon Head Cricket is omnivorous with well developed predatory behaviour – it is actively attacking and devouring smaller insects. Also they can eat fruits and vegetables like apples or cucumbers, fish flakes are accepted readily too.

Be careful – crickets have very strong jaws and can bite painfully if handled inaccurately. So treat them with respect!:)

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