Egyptian predator beetle (Anthia sexmaculata)

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Short care sheet for Egyptian predator beetle (Anthia sexmaculata):

Origin: North Africa

Size: 4-5 cm

Temperature: 26-28C day time / 23-24C night time

Humidity: 40-50%

Difficulty Level: Easy

Beautiful predatory beetle species from the desert regions of North Africa have a striking black and white coloration, along with fascinating territorial behavior.

A group of 3-4 beetles can be housed in an enclosure like the large Lucky Reptile Pet Box. The substrate can be a mixture of soil and sand, and it is recommended to provide several rocks or pieces of bark in the enclosure as hiding places for the beetles.

These beetles are highly active and aggressive when it comes to hunting feeding insects. They can prey on crickets, mealworms, roaches, and any other insect of similar or smaller size.

Breeding these beetles can be challenging since their larvae naturally live inside ant nests, where they feed on ants and their brood. However, it is worth attempting to create optimal breeding conditions for the beetles.

IMPORTANT: As this species is part of Ground beetles family beetles can mechanically squirt their defensive secretions for considerable distances if scared and are able to aim with a startling degree of accuracy. So Egyptian predator beetle is NOT for handling, but for observation only!

If you contacted with defensive secret – wash your skin thoroughly as soon as possible. And obviously try to keep your eyes away from the bugs.

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