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Death Feigning Beetle (Asbolus verrucosus)

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Source: Wild Caught

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Short care sheet for Death Feigning Beetle (Asbolus verrucosus):

Origin: USA

Size: 2.5-3cm

Temperature: 20-28C

Humidity: bone dry, humidity can kill them

Difficulty Level: Easy

Popular, but rarely available in European hobbyists collections Death Feigning Beetles are very cute and easy to keep insects that are great choice for beginners.

This is omnivorous species and can be fed with carrots, fish flakes, dog food, dead insects and so on. Beetles does not need any water bowl and also any spraying as they will get all necessary water from carrots and any humidity can kill them.

They can be also kept in groups what makes them even more interesting as pets, group of ten can be conveniently live in a vivarium with size like 30x30x30cm.

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