Giant Vietnamese Centipede (Scolopendra dehaani)

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Venomous species!

Source: Wild Caught

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Short care sheet for Scolopendra dehaani:

Origin: Vietnam

Size: up to 20 cm

Temperature: 24-28C

Humidity: 65-70%

Attention: As all all centipedes Scolopendra dehaani is venomous species and we do not recommend to handle it as its bites are very painful and sometimes requires medical assistance. They are beautiful animals, but only for watching, not for handling!

Keeping of most centipedes is pretty straight forward and first of all you will need escape proof enclosure – they are able to squeeze through even small gaps and gnaw soft plastic walls. Glass or acrylic glass enclosures are recommended.

As mentioned this species requires 23-27C and so it will need heating – it can be provided by heating bulb, heating mat or any other sources, main rule is not to put it underneath the enclosure as centipedes are burrowing animals. So if it will be to hot for them they will try to burrow deeper – this is natural behaviour based on instincts, but in captivity it will play a bad joke with them.

It is recommended to keep one of enclosure corners relatively moist to provide centipede with humidity gradient. As substrate can be used mix of topsoil and sand, sphagnum moss can be used for maintaining of proper humidity. Layer depth is usually the lenght of animal. Also a dish of water must be provided.

Scolopendra dehaani are very aggressive predators and thanks to very potent poison can attack even larger prey. In captivity they can be fed with crickets, locusts, roaches, meal and morio worms, sometimes even defrosted mice. Very important to remove all uneaten food and its remnants from enclosure to prevent fungal and bacterial infections.

Always use tweezers that are long enough when feeding or moving animals to another enclosure!

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