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Emerald Roach (Pseudoglomeris magnifica)

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Can climb and glide (males)!

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Short care sheet for Emerald Roach (Pseudoglomeris magnifica):

Origin: Vietnam

Size: up to 3 cm

Temperature: 24-28C 

Humidity: 50-60%

Difficulty Level: Average

Stunning cockroach species from Vietnam, Emerald Roach (Pseudoglomeris magnifica) was a truly dream for every cockroaches keeper for a long time. Now situation with availability is improved significantly, although this roach still be a rare offer on the market and the main reason is that this is very slowly breeding species.

These insects needs 5-10 cm layer of leaf litter and rotting wood mix, also you can feed them with variety of fruits and vegetables with more focus on sweet food. Also they adore jelly like Komodo Jelly Pots, so you can treat them from time to time.

Be aware that males of Emerald Roach are short living beings meanwhile females needs pretty long time to reach maturity. So if you like to breed them a good group should be established.

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