Giant Olive Millipede (Telodeinopus aoutii)

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Short care sheet for Giant Olive Millipede (Telodeinopus aoutii):

Origin: Africa (Togo, Ghana)

Size: up to 16-19 cm

Temperature: 22-28C

Humidity: 80-90% 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Giant Olive Millipede inhabits dry tree savannah with distinct rainy and dry periods and lead arboricolous lifestyle, so it is important to provide it with adequate climbing branches – also as they obviously are very good climbers  their enclosure must be escape-proof.

These millipedes are feeding on fruits and vegetables, leaf litter, deadwood, yellow lichen and high-protein food (including dead insects and fish flakes). Also they need source of calcium and sepia is one of the best choices.

As this species is molting in substrate its layer must be at least 10 cm high.

Be aware that Giant Olive Millipede (Telodeinopus aoutii) is able to release large amounts of defensive excretion when disturbed.

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