Centurion Roach (Gyna centurio)

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Average difficulty level.

Can climb and fly!

Our breeding.

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Short care sheet for Centurion Roach:

Origin: East/Central Africa 

Size: 2.5-3 cm

Temperature: 25-30C 

Humidity: keep substrate moderately humid (do not over-moisten!)

Difficulty Level: Average

Relatively small but really colourful and amazing species, pretty sensitive to keeping conditions but really great addition to any invertebrate collection. Centurion Roach can perfectly climb and fly, so protective barrier (i.e. petrolatum layer) and firmly closed lid are highly recommended (although roaches will hardly survive in room conditions).

They are not picky about food, so any fruits/vegetables can suit them.

Females are a bit bigger and wider than males, which are more slender and active. This species is ovoviviparous, i.e. they bring live nymphs.

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