Hooded Katydid (Siliquofera grandis)

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One of the largest katydid species of the world!

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Short care sheet for Hooded Katydid (Siliquofera grandis):

Origin: Papua New Guinea / Indonesia

Size: up to 13 cm (females)

Temperature: 25-28C day / 22-24C night

Humidity: High

Difficulty Level: Easy

Hooded Katydid (Siliquofera grandis) is one of the largest katydid species of the world with wingspan up to 25 cm.

So obviously you will need large enclosure like 45x45x60 cm for an adult couple and it is recommended to use glass, plastic or metal mesh enclosures only as katydids have strong jaws and can gnaw trough fabric net easily. Also females needs at least 5-7 cm of substrate for eggs laying, it can be coco coir, unfertilised top soil and sand mix.

Lightning mode should be 12 / 12 hours.

This species feeds on Bramble and Oak, also they need additional protein supplements like dried gammarus shrimps or fish flakes. Chalk is recommended as well.

Eggs can be incubated directly in substrate and incubation takes around 2.5-3 months.

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