Large Clawed Scorpion (Scorpio maurus)

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Venomous species!

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Short care sheet for Large Clawed Scorpion (Scorpio maurus):

Origin: North Africa/Middle East

Size: up to 7.5 cm 

Temperature: 25-26C day / 20C night

Humidity: 70%

Difficulty Level: Easy

Important: This is a VENOMOUS species and although it is not deadly for human it must be kept with all possible precaution!

Widely distributed in sandy regions of North Africa and Middle East Scorpio maurus is relatively small species that is easy to care of. Although this species is living in deserts it is burrowing and can create burrows up to 1 m deep, so it needs higher humidity.

Feeding is very easy – scorpions are feeding on almost any insect of appropriate size, including crickets, morio worms, locusts etc.

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