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Porcellio magnificus

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Short care sheet for Porcellio magnificus:

Origin: Spain

Size: 3.2 cm

Temperature: 22-26C

Humidity: relatively low (keep just one corner moist!)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Porcellio magnificus┬áis large orange coloured species that displays very interesting breeding behaviour – females are protecting newborns vigorously, feed them and hiding in burrow they make for this purpose specially.

As they are from Spain, they don’t need excessive humidity as it cause issues with molting. So just keep one enclosure corner moist (sphagnum moss is great option for it) as they are crustaceans and have gills they need access to water anyway.

P. magnificus will need a horizontal type enclosure that has size of at least 15L, they do not burrow actively so the depths of substrate is not really important. But ensure that there are enough cork pieces and leaf litter to hide under.

Also they are feeding on hardwood leaf litter and accept leaves such as cottonwood, elm, maple, and oak. Fish flakes are accepted readily as well, don’t forget to provide them with source of calcium!

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