Velvet Beauty (Peruphasma schultei)

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Eggs or nymphs of one of the most beautiful stick insect species on your choice.
Sexual reproduction (males+females).

Our breeding.

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Short info for Velvet Beauty :

Origin: Northern Peru

Size: 6-7 cm

Temperature: can be kept at room temperature

Humidity: Low (spraying for drinking only)

Difficulty Level: Easy

IMPORTANT – this species is not recommended for people with allergies!

Relatively small but beautiful species with very restricted natural distribution area. Velvet Beauty feeds on Privet (Ligustrum sp.), can spray defensive fluid when handled or scared – be careful, keep it away from eyes and wash hands after handling. This liquid is not really harmful but it is much better to stay away from such experience.

Incubation time for eggs – 3-4 months, no humidity required, they are hatching very well in dry conditions. Young nymphs are more sensitive and it would be mindful to provide them with drinking water (spraying slightly from time to time).

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