Red Apple Crab (Metasesarma aubryi)

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Short care sheet for Red Apple Crab (Metasesarma aubryi):

Origin: Sulawesi/Java, Indonesia (also introduced to many other countries of SE Asia)

Size: up to 4 cm

Temperature: 22-26C

Humidity: 75+%

Water pH: 8.0 – 8.5

Difficulty Level: Easy

Red Apple Crab (Metasesarma aubryi) is another beautiful and easy to keep species from tropical Indonesia. This species is pretty calm and has great colour variability – from light reddish to dark bluish variants.

Recommended group size for 45x45x45 cm cube is two males and 3 females. These crabs are pretty good with plants, although they can burrow holes in substrate to hide and move small objects.

They are omnivorous although about 70% of their diet is vegetation (other 30% is mix of everything including detritus, small invertebrates etc).

Short list of examples (once per 2-3 days):

  • Slice of cucumber or banana or carrot
  • Dried Gammarus¬†
  • JBL Novopleco (or analogs from other manufacturers)
  • Dead crickets or roaches or fruit flies (for young animals)
  • Frozen cyclops/boodworms

Although Red Apple Crabs spend most of the time on the land, at least small water area with depth at least of 2 cm is a must. Crabs are coming to water for molting so this is life critical to provide them with it. For the land area you can use coco chips, coco coir, sphagnum or special soil like Habitat Jungle Bio Substrate  for land part.

As other crab species these crabs can regenerate lost limbs after one or two molts. The most important is to provide them with permanent source of calcium like cuttlefish/sepia bones, plain chalk or any similar material.

IMPORTANT INFO: Crabs coloration may vary, some of them can be brighter, some more dull.

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