Sunny Stick Insect (Sungaya inexpectata) – banded/striped morph

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Sexual reproduction (males + females)

Our breeding.

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Short care sheet for Sunny Stick Insect (Sungaya inexpectata):

Origin: Phillippine Islands

Size: up to 5-9 cm (females, males are smaller)

Temperature: 22-27C

Humidity: 60-80% 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Easy to keep, feeds on wide range of plants – Bramble, Raspberry, Oak, Ivy, Hazel. Need high humidity – vivarium should be sprayed daily and contain wet substrate (cocos, peat moss and soil mix can be used) for breeding purposes.

Sunny Stick Insect is sexually reproducing species and that means that you will need both sexes for successful breeding. Females are noticeable bigger and have sturdy body with ovipositor in the end of their abdomen, so you will never be confused.

Hatching rate is good, but as males/females ration is unpredictable it is recommended to take 20 eggs if it is your first experience.

Females will be deposit eggs into moist substrate, they should be collected and incubated in the same conditions for about 3-4 months (temperature – 20-23C).

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