Costa Rican Zebra (Aphonopelma seemanni)

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Venomous species!

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Short care sheet Costa Rican Zebra (Aphonopelma seemanni):

Origin: Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua)

Size: up to 7 cm 

Temperature: 25-26C day / 20C night

Humidity: 70%

Difficulty Level: Easy

Important: This is a VENOMOUS species and although it is not deadly for human it must be kept with all possible precaution. Also mind urticating hairs on the rear of the abdomen – don’t touch them or let to get in contact with mucous membranes!

Costa Rican Zebra is pretty fast moving species that makes deep burrows to avoid day heat (it is living in semiarid scrublands) in its natural habitats. Also this is pretty slow growing species, it needs 7-9 years to reach maturity – from other side females can live up to 20 years (based on some reports – even up to 30 years!).

Young instars need a bit more attention and care as they are very small – they can be kept in pretty small containers and fed with very small crickets or roaches, also you can use pieces of freshly killed mealworm.

Larger instars are readily accepting even larger prey, so such feeders as crickets, mealworms, morio worms, Pallid, Lobster or Dubia roaches, locusts or even newborn mice can be used to feed them.

As adult tarantula is pretty large and should be kept in an enclosure of 30x30x30cm or similar size, younger instars are perfectly living in any container of suitable size.

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