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Two Spotted Assassin Bug (Platymeris biguttatus)

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Short care sheet for Two Spotted Assassin Bug (Platymeris biguttatus):

Origin: SE Africa

Size: up to 4 cm

Temperature: 22-30C 

Humidity: Average

Difficulty Level: Easy 

One of the most common assassin bugs in captive culture that is a bit smaller than Horrid Assassin Bugs (Psytalla horrida), but has very similar behaviour and appearance. These insects are very easy to keep and can live up to 2 years.

As all assassin bugs Two Spotted Assassin Bugs are pure predators and must be fed with live insects like cockroaches, morio or mealworrms, crickets, locusts etc. Young nymphs can be fed with crickets of appropriate size or fruit flies, but also they are scavenging on remnants of insects killed by adults.

Enclosure can be very simple – it can be just a plastic box with transparent walls and lid with 3-4 cm layer of substrate like cocos coir and several pieces of cork bark (and water bowl, of course). Dead bodies of feeding insects should be removed from enclosure with long tweezer to avoid mold growth or mites infestation.

Also they need slightly higher humidity than Horrid Assassin Bugs, so spray vivarium regularly and keep one corner humid all the time.

Be aware – Two Spotted Assassin Bug is not for handling in any way as its bites are very panful, also they can spray venom trying to get into the eyes when scared. So don’t stress them too much, in this case they will get used to new enclosure very fast and then you’ll watch their social life easily as they are very present.

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