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Geosesarma hagen “Red Devil”

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Short care sheet for Geosesarma hagen “Red Devil”:

Origin: Java, Indonesia

Size: up to 3 cm

Temperature: 24-28C

Humidity: 75+%

Water pH: 7.5-8.0

Difficulty Level: Very easy

Geosesarma hagen “Red Devil” is pretty small semi-terrestrial species with stunning coloration – most of specimens have bright yellow eyes, bright red claws, orange/red back and dark brown/reddish legs. Despite of its commercial name they are completely harmless, this name came just from species coloration scheme.

In nature crabs lives near streams, river and ponds and spend most of the time on the land hiding in leaf litter or holes they are digging in soil. They are omnivorous although about 70% of their diet is vegetation (other 30% is mix of everything including detritus, small invertebrates etc).

Short list of examples (once per 2-3 days):

  • Slice of cucumber or banana or carrot
  • Dried Gammarus¬†
  • JBL Novopleco (or analogs from other manufacturers)
  • Dead crickets or roaches or fruit flies (for young animals)

Also they will feed on leaf litter, moss and plants you’ll use for their vivarium or, to be more precise, paludarium. As Geosesarma are semi-terrestrial species they need land piece with small part of water – you can use aquarium gravel/sand for water part and coco chips, coco coir, sphagnum or special soil like Habitat Jungle Bio Substrate ¬†for land part. Be aware that crabs need at least 2 cm of water depth as they require it for successful molting.

This species is very peaceful and can be kept in groups of 5 specimens (2 males, 3 females) in enclosure with bottom area of the bottom 35×35 cm. They can be kept in humid vivariums with dart frogs or small geckos, but don’t keep them with other Geosesarma species together.

Also males can attack each other, but even if any of them will lose a limb it will be regenerated after 1-2 molts.

IMPORTANT INFO: Crabs coloration may vary, some of them can be brighter, some more dull.

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