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Metallic Stick Insect (Achrioptera manga “Orangea”)

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Sexual reproduction (males + females)

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Short care sheet for Metallic Stick Insect (Achrioptera manga “Orangea”):

Origin: Madagascar

Size: up to 26 cm (females, males are smaller)

Temperature: can be kept at room temperatures

Humidity: 60-70% 

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Remark: Due to misidentification this species was known as A. fallax (till 2019). 

One of the most beautiful and demanded species in the culture – males are coloured in stunning metallic blue with red & yellow stripes on their legs and wings. Females are less bright, but still very attractive and also they are huge – up to 26 cm!

Because of its size this species needs spacey vivarium with good ventilation, 20-23C are optimal, you should spray them every day slightly to let them drink. Food plants are Bramble and Eucalyptus.

Achrioptera manga is pretty clumsy species and so they are not very good with walking on horizontal surfaces – provide them with plenty of branches to make their life easier. Ensure also that there will be no bottleneck places where animals can stuck.

Incubation time is 4-5 months and day/night cycle is critical for successful development and hatching, so do not put eggs into complete darkness, that’s important. If all conditions maintained well, hatching rate will be pretty good (up to 80%), no extensive moisture required – just place eggs on dry paper towel and cover it slightly with dry sphagnum moss to make hatching process a bit easier for nymphs.

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