Green Bottle Fly (Lucilia sp.)

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Great feeder for your pets!

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Short description of Green Bottle Fly (or GBF):

Green and Blue Bottle Flies are most common fly species you can see almost in every corner of our world and besides of its important role in recycling of organic waste it is great feeder for almost any mantid species.

Also it can be used for feeding of amphibians, reptiles, birds and fishes (or as bait for fishing!). Keep in mind that this fly is twice smaller than Blue Bottle Fly (Calliphora sp.).

Casters are packed in plastic vials and their overall weight is 6g (12g with vial itself). You will need to move them to any container with good ventilation that should be stored on the upper shelf of your fridge (i.e. at +4C) – it will slow down development.

Just take the amount you need for feeding and put into warm conditions (25-28C), ensure that they will not be dried out (casters need some air humidity) and wait till flies will be hatching and feed your pet! Full development of casters is taking up to 5 days.

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