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Horrid King Assassin Bug (Psytalla horrida)

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Short care sheet for Horrid King Assassin Bug (Psytalla horrida):

Origin: Africa (Southern Sahara)

Size: up to 4.5 cm

Temperature: 24-28C 

Humidity: Low

Difficulty Level: Easy 

Very large (for assassin bugs) Horrid King Assassin Bug (Psytalla horrida) is one of the most beautiful representatives of its group in captivity – it has contrast black and red-orange coloration with well developed spikes on its pronotum.

These insects are very easy to keep, they prefer to live in dry conditions and don’t need regular spraying – just a small water bowl is more than enough. They are pure predators and feeds on any other insects even if they are twice bigger than assassin bug itself – thanks to very potent venom they are injecting into prey body.

Be aware – they are not for handling in any way as their bites are very panful, also they can spray venom trying to get into the eyes when scared. So don’t stress them too much, in this case they will get used to new enclosure very fast and then you’ll watch their social life easily as they are very present.

Enclosure can be very simple – it can be just a plastic box with transparent walls and lid with 3-4 cm layer of substrate like cocos coir and several pieces of cork bark (and water bowl, of course). Dead feeding insects should be removed from enclosure with long tweezer to avoid mold growth or mites infestation.

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