Indian Stick Insect (Carausius morosus)

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Short care sheet for Indian Stick Insect:

Origin: India

Size: 7-9 cm

Temperature: can be kept at room temperature (20-22C)

Humidity: Moderate (spraying once per 2 days)

Difficulty Level: Very easy

Indian Stick Insect can be easily named as icon of Phasmid captive culture – this species is probably the most well known across the world as it is ultra easy to keep and breed and so this is why most of keepers started (or starting) with it.

It is parthenogenetic, so literally one specimen is more than enough to start the colony, eggs have very good hatching rate and nymphs are very hardy. Also they are not picky about food – it can be Privet, Ivy, Pyracantha, Hawthorn, Bramble (and relatives like Raspberry etc), Oak and Hasel.

Incubation of eggs takes 2-3 months only meanwhile insect can live up to 11 months. As this species is very prolific keep in mind that lots of eggs will be produced.

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