Leaf Insects (Phyllium phillippinicum)

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Short care sheet for Leaf Insects (Phyllium phillippinicum):

Origin: Phillippines

Size: 6-7 cm (females, males are 3.5-4 cm)

Temperature: 25-30C

Humidity: High 

Feeding: Blackberry, Rose, Bramble, Oak 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Leaf Insects are probably the most amazing phasmids – they are well known masters of camouflage copying leaf appearance very precisely (even with veins net). They are so good at this that even other phasmids can confuse them with real leaves and bite them by mistake, this is why it is not recommended to keep them in mixed groups.

Despite of high humidity requirements Leaf Insects needs very good ventilation to prevent mold to grow – don’t allow it as this is very dangerous for these insects. Temperature must be very consistent, sharp drops can lead to health issues.

Females are dropping eggs to the ground and they should be incubated in 26C on a wet paper towel. Let it dry out before spraying so you’ll suppress mold growth, remove all eggs affected with it immediately.

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