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Lignus solimanus

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Short care sheet for Lignus solimanus:

Origin: Africa (Cameroon)

Size: up to 5 cm

Temperature: 16-23C 

Humidity: 80-90%

Difficulty Level: Easy

Lignus solimanus is beautiful medium sized arboreal land snail from Africa that is easy to keep and so is suitable even for people with no experience in snails.

It can be fed with fruits, vegetables and mosses/lichen, important is to make their diet as variable as possible. Be aware that as this species requires high humidity fruits and vegetables could be spoiled very quickly, so remove all food remnants regularly to avoid mould growth or diseases development.

This species is breeding in captivity, as any other snail species L. solimanus are hermaphrodites, so just two specimens required for successful mating.

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